[Hashcatifier](https://github.com/InfamousSYN/rogue/blob/master/tools/hashcatifer.py) is a simple tool used to convert the captured hashes to a format that is consumable by hashcat.

## Arguments

  • –file - Used to point to the freeradius-server-wpe.log containing the captured credentials from rogue,

  • –output - Specify the name of the output file,

  • –format - Specify the format to output hashes, currently only the supported format is the NET-NTLMv1 (hashcat -m 5500)

  • –mode - Specify the number of hashes to reformat

## Usage

  1. Run the hashcatifier utility

`bash sudo python3 /opt/rogue/tools/hashcatifer.py --file [freeradius-server-wpe.log] -o [output format] `

  1. Launch hashcat with the supplied command

`bash hashcat -m 5500 [output format] -w [wordlist] `